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NKA Rules for Clones


2021 TCK HOBBY/PREDATOR RULES (Rules for Saturday Night Points Series and Predator Nationals)

** OUT OF THE BOX ** (And yes, this means OUT OF THE BOX)

** Track will have stock Predator/Ducar engines on site to base tech off of and WILL tech engines on a weekly basis **

You may do the following:
Drill Fuel Cap
Disconnect Wires
Disconnect Fuel Tank Vent and Vent Line but MUST be caped on both ends!

5500 RPM ** MUST SURGE **

$75.00 protest fee from driver being protested and the driver requesting the protest.
$50.00 will go to the tech man and the remaining $100.00 will go to the winning party of the protest.


Buy fuel at the Kangaroo Express in Kenly

Kangaroo Express
402 S Church St
Kenly, NC 27542