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NKA Rules for Clones


2021 TCK HOBBY/PREDATOR RULES (Rules for Saturday Night Points Series and Predator Nationals)

** OUT OF THE BOX ** (And yes, this means OUT OF THE BOX)

** Track will have stock Predator/Ducar engines on site to base tech off of and WILL tech engines on a weekly basis **

You may do the following:
Drill Fuel Cap
Disconnect Wires
Disconnect Fuel Tank Vent and Vent Line but MUST be caped on both ends!

5500 RPM ** MUST SURGE **

$75.00 protest fee from driver being protested and the driver requesting the protest.
$50.00 will go to the tech man and the remaining $100.00 will go to the winning party of the protest.


Super stock rules

*Any 6.5 factory rated small footprint engine up to 212 cc
Various Clone 196 , ducar 212,hemi and non hemi predator 212, 196 and 212 Tillotson engines ect.
Animal can be used but it would be the most pricey option.
6” Calipers, 1” drop dial or digital indicator and sufficient bracket to hold indicator over pushrod and valve retainers. Degree wheel for duration. No go or Pin gauge set for carb only. Sealing plate to cc head.
•Simple and to the point with no visual judgments calls. Yes or no on dimensions and stock parts comparison

*No coatings of any kind inside engine or on engine components. Exhaust pipe only can be coated.

*All “as cast and factory” blocks and cranks. No billet cranks. Minor grinding for cam,rod, and crank clearance allowed on crank cam or block. No excessive lighting. Welding on short block/sidecover for bracing and/or repair is fine.

*Bore and Stroke are to be stock per that engines factory specs. Over bore for a rebuild is permissible. Up to +.01

*Billet sidecovers without cam bearings are legal.

*Any factory Stock length billet rod allowed with stock flattop or stock dished 3 ring piston and stock compression height (per factory specs for that particular engine choice). +.01,.02,.04 rods allowed to get correct deck height as long as compression height on piston is still stock and unaltered.
No aftermarket pistons

*Stock factory valves and sizes (per that engines factory specs) no aftermarket stainless steel or titanium valves. No tech on visual appearance but must be stock parts
Clone is 25mm In 24mm Ex
Predator is 27mm In 25mm Ex
Animal (I need to confirm)

*3 angles on the seat only, 1 angle on the valve

*Valve seat diameters are to be factory stock inside diameter. Plus or minus .005

*Any aluminum or steel flywheels are legal. !!!No stock cast flywheels!!! 3.3 lbs min weight. No super light flywheels

*Cam is .276 max lift at the pushrod
250* duration at .050 max
.276 max lift at the valve
No billet adjustable cams

*18lb 22lb or 26lb single wound springs.
No dual springs or high tension single wound springs.
*I will get wire dimensions added ASAP*

*aftermarket spring retainers allowed.
No titanium

*Stock style stamped rockers only, ratio non tech but must be un altered.
-If reliability is an issue we will change this but we have not seen one single valve train issue.

*Pushrod are non tech, no titanium

*Stock style flat lifters and must be magnetic
*No welding or epoxy added to heads as cast. No porting. Minor deburing of the bowl edges and short side radius is allowed but no grinding, cutting or polishing. Casting burr removal and flash removal only. This is to reduce cost of engine.

*Head gasket thickness non tech

*No piston pop out

*14cc minimum chamber volume
Use flat plate to bolt head to and cc chamber volume

*Any intake manifold to match your engines head. No porting or cutting head to match intake.

*Hl series Tillotson carbs with 1.000 max throttle bore and .900 max Venturi

*Gas or Methanol allowed

*Exhaust is non tech just needs to be braced, wrapped in a safe manner with a blunt or flared tip, trumpet, washer ect.
*Must have fuel pump and throttle cable kit mounted in safe working manner.

Tech procedure order
  • Fuel
  • Carb
  • Lift at retainer and pushrod
  • Duration
  • Pull head and check CC
  • Ports, springs, and valves
  • Confirm stroke and bore per engine
  • Check for stock crank and 3 ring piston
  • Flywheel



Buy fuel at the Kangaroo Express in Kenly

Kangaroo Express
402 S Church St
Kenly, NC 27542